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How to implement Duplicity with Azure – Linux Tutorial

As the first step make sure that the OS is updated yum update -y yum upgrade -y Install Duplicity 1. We need to get all the required packages yum install ncftp python-paramiko python-pycryptopp lftp python-boto python-dev librsync-dev   2. After this … Continued

How to change RDP Port (Windows and Linux)

It is common to servers are remotely accessible via the TCP 3389 port (default port). In some situations, when a more secure environment is needed, changing the remote access port can be useful. This article explains how to change the … Continued

Managed WordPress with Plesk Onyx now offers Managed WordPress and Cloud Hosting for Resellers through Plesk Onyx Plesk is the leading WebOps platform to run, automate and grow applications, websites and hosting businesses. Available in more than 26 languages across 140 countries in the … Continued

CARISIRT: Defaulting on our Passwords (pt.2): Attacker-Friendly Security

The Internet of Things Consumers are ready for their lives to be networked, and manufacturers are more than willing to provide the devices to fill this demand. The issue with many of these vendors is that they place usability above … Continued

CARISIRT: Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016!

First and foremost, happy new year! Last year was very eventful for the cybersecurity industry, with major breaches such as the Office the Personnel Management and Anthem Blue Cross exposing potentially millions of individuals to identity theft and worse. On … Continued

How to build real time apps with Pusher

In this video the SD Laravel Meetup group shows how to create services by integrating Pusher. Learn about the features of PUSHER that include: Flexible Pub/Sub Messaging Live User Lists Access control/authentication

Debugging in Laravel

In August our friends from San Diego Larvel Meetup group had a meetup that covered debugging Laravel. Eric Van Johnson had lots of awesome Tips and Tricks for debugging in Laravel. Topics covered at this Meetup included the following: var_dump … Continued

Managing PostgreSQL with Quickbread

This post is part of our new series where we feature Meetups we have hosted in the past. On July 21st we hosted a Meetup for the San Diego PostgreSQL group. At this Meetup Octavio Alvarez covered Quickbread, a project creating … Continued

Why Your Server’s Processor Power Matters

The processor is your server’s brain. It’s common knowledge that the slower your processor, the slower your website or application. For people who need to reserve 100% of the server’s processor power, there is no better solution than a dedicated … Continued

How to Provision 100 Cloud Servers in Minutes?

In this post, we are going to walk you through setting up a single cloud server, and then we’ll turn it into a group (“cluster”) of cloud servers. Following this process, you now will be able to provide hundreds of … Continued

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